Treat your relationships this year with cheap Christmas Gifts!

Buy Cheap Christmas Gifts?

With us you can buy cheap Christmas gifts every year and order online! It seems so simple, what festively packaged food in a nice gift box buy. However, appearances can be deceiving. A good Christmas gift compose and deliver a professional job! You've come to the right place for buying cheap, original or exclusive Christmas!

Everything has to be right down to the smallest dots ...

From concept - original and developed with attention - until a flawless, and especially timely delivery. Punctual, personal, completely 'off'. You've come to the best place for your Christmas gifts!

Your budget and your target

Every year you can choose to us from a wide variety of exclusive Christmas gifts in different price with different themes. There is something for every budget and target it again to find some.

Sold out Christmas gifts

When a Christmas gift or wine package is sold out, we will mention that in the corresponding Christmas gift or wine package. Just as when an item suddenly (or temporary) sold out and is replaced by an alternative product that we will mention the relevant package, so you can keep this in mind when you order.

International fairs

A special team this year has been responsible for putting together our exclusive Christmas gift packages. In the month of January of each year they are already trying to walk to find new products and buy for the Christmas catalog that traditionally released in August. Away national and international fairs

Theme Lines

In developing the theme lines show the product developers are guided by the current developments in such fashion, interior design, food, and society. This year there are nice ideas and develops new theme lines born.

Red, Roder, reddest

The result of this approach are subject lines that you can surprise your employees. Relationships and every year A number of new theme lines for the year 2012 are: Durable, Red, redder, reddest, Frisian 11 cities, Happiness is ..., Modern and Beautiful Christmas Crafts for example.

Traditional Christmas gift

The Christmas gift remains inseparable from the Dutch culture. The Christmas gift symbolizes warmth, coziness and togetherness. This friendly gesture by relationships and employees always conceived as a tangible and well-deserved tribute!

The Christmas gift in 2009

In 2009 Dutch companies gave some more than 5.1 million Christmas gifts to their employees and customers. Annual survey shows that the receiver a Christmas enormously appreciate. Thus a tradition to uphold. However, the number of providers is overwhelming.

The Christmas gift in 2010

In the year 2010 gave 73% of companies in the Netherlands, a Christmas gift to the staff. This is evident from the study of market research agency that IBT PromZ Magazine has carried out in Dutch business.

In total indicated exclusive Christmas gifts to the staff to reach out, 73% of companies surveyed while 20% that did towards relationships. Took in 2009 a Christmas gift for staff on average € 44, - in 2010, this had dropped to an average of € 39.50. Exclusive Christmas hampers for relationships average cost € 30, -.

The Christmas gift in 2011

Christmas gifts are again become more expensive in 2011!

Despite the uncertain outlook for financial markets in 2011 spent more money on the traditional Christmas gift. The number of Christmas hampers sold remained unchanged compared to 2010, but the value of the Christmas presents in 2011 has risen by an average of about 4 euros to 38 euros each. That according to data from the industry association.

Christmas Gifts later ordered

According to the industry association in 2011 bought the Dutch entrepreneurs about 4.8 million Christmas gifts. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the number ordered Xmas decreased slightly. End of 2008, another 5 million packages brought to the man. In 2011 for the first time to notice again in numbers and a stabilization which is especially striking is that entrepreneurs always order their packages later.

Little interest for charities

What is also striking is that according to PPP Netherlands in the choice for a Christmas charity massively ignored. "It seems they thus follow the line of the government," said PPP. "There's just not much interest." The more packages which workers may find out, presents itself in great demand. There is also much interest in small electronic devices as a gift.

Theme Gift Baskets anno 2013

In addition to the exclusive Christmas however sets the special team other themed gift baskets together as Holland Promotional Packages, Fresh Packs, Asparagus Packages, Packages Easter, Summer and Christmas Packages Packages. Certainly Fresh Packages and Sinterklaas Packages have become very popular in recent years.

Together Christmas gift in our showroom

Until mid-November 2013, you can come to the showroom to your Christmas gifts to put together. Itself Through our online shop you can possibly complete their choice Christmas gift for your clients or employees together.

Appointment showroom

Click if you want to create in our showroom an appointment. In addition, please the available days and times, so that we can plan. Suitable appointment for you

Webshop online

You can use our ready-made order exclusive Christmas gifts in our shop while supplies last. To avoid disappointment, it is important that we receive your order Christmas gifts on time. Between ordering and delivery of ready-made exclusive Christmas gifts must be at least eight sitting days.

Order by tender

If you accept our offer and send the signed return is completed your Christmas gifts order. Orders are accepted by us only upon receipt of the agreement signed by you for quote. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours if we have. Received in good order your assignment


Showroom Order

Upon receipt of the agreement signed by you for tender, ie your order confirmation, you will receive our digital invoice by e-mail. Payments should be based on the account of Goods & Gifts Gifts. Credited within the prescribed period Only then can we guarantee that your order will be delivered on time.

Online shop order

Orders are accepted by us only after co-payment of the ordered products. Via our webshop You will always receive a confirmation email if we have your order and payment have. Received in good order Only then we can guarantee that your order is properly executed and timely delivered.

Supply and delivery

The Christmas gifts in 2013 agreed with you on weekdays between 08.00 and 18.00 hours delivered by our carriers. We can not specify exact delivery times. All Christmas gifts are delivered on the ground floor. The delivery date indicated on your quote is not a firm date. Should not deliver on the date indicated, it will be offered your shipment the next day (again) when a rule.

Please note that there may arise. Example by weather and / or traffic impacts of any unforeseen delay in delivery It is therefore very wise before the date of issue to be delivered, so that timely delivery is assured. Your Christmas gifts a long period

We are happy to timely informed of all conditions prior should be. Known to our drivers It is important that you notify us when not to reach the shipping address with great transportation or if the delivery address is located at the back of your property. By getting involved is time delivery guaranteed!

If you have questions or want more information about our Christmas Gifts or Theme packages?

contact us for (non-binding) information or to request a quote.
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