Buy cheap round transparent keychains?

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Buy cheap round transparent keychains?

With us you can buy inexpensive round transparent keychains and order online! These cheap round translucent key chain can possibly printed with a logo and / or text book with us!

This Key you can do without printing (unassembled) order!

These keychains are great for some clubs, associations, car manufacturers and suitable for a custom design, favorite photo or image. Also fun for workshops on "Design your own key chain".


The dimension of the outer side of the key ring is approximately 4.5 x 5 cm Ø

The cross section of the piece of paper is exactly 38 mm.

Being unassembled incl. Loose paper (uitgestant on an A4 sheet).

Printing of a logo and / or text in multiple colors possible, prices on request!

Minimum purchase: a piece or several pieces *

Prices: see staggered

*) Click for a price quote for smaller or larger quantities or if you require printing of a (company) logo, (club) or logo (advertising) text in two or more print colors.

file.jpg file.jpg


Additional comments on your order please specify during the ordering process, there is therefore a special room reserved for comments.

Rush order

There is also a possibility of an accelerated delivery in consultation with our sales department. You should then contact us via and the order to finish by the department. An accelerated delivery date shall be additional transportation costs with.


For the payment of our lighters are several possible methods. Both companies and individuals have the option to pay with Paypal, credit card, on account or using a gift certificate. All payments done on highly secure connections and credit card information is destroyed immediately after use.

Order Confirmation

After your order you receive an email when the order detail information is displayed.

If you have questions or want more information about our lighters or other products?

Click for our contact form which you can state your questions or needs.

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