Buy cheap mugs in orange including print?

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Orange buy mugs including printing of a logo, logo or text?

Here orange mug with a logo, emblem and buy / or text and order directly online!

These mugs are available in the colors: orange, yellow, white, black and dark blue (please choose the desired color you mugs in the column above).

Content: 300 ml

Material: pottery

Size: height 9 cm, diameter 8 cm

Max. printing size of a logo, logo and / or text: 6.5 x 6 cm


Before we proceed to final print you will receive an advance copy of the logo to be printed, logo and / or text by e-mail. You can still make any changes at that time. There will also be pre-color consultation so you can not later surprises.

Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces or more *

The unit prices in the price tier based on printing in one or more printing colors.

Prices: see staggered

*) If you want a different number of these mugs be printed by us? Or do you want these mugs without printing (blank) order? Request a quote from here click to contact us. to If you have other questions or requests please contact us through our contact form!

The prices of pottery mugs from China have recently increased dramatically due to the increased duties (duties) of pottery from China.



1. Send your order immediately after your logo, emblem and to be printed to:.

2. If you want to print or an extra side or a higher or lower number of wishes (whatever is possible) these mugs in several print colors please contact our office staff by here clicking. We like to make an offer for you with your specific needs!

3. Want to order mugs includes a gift box? Please contact us and please mention ue wishes. Click here to contact us!

4. Do you have any comments on your order? During the ordering process is a special room reserved for this where you can mention the comments.


Delivery of printed mugs is approximately 2 to 3 weeks after order. All this depends on the difficulty of the print and the desired number by you.

Rush order

There is also an opportunity for accelerated delivery in consultation with our sales department. You will need to contact our department contact and order finish. using them An accelerated delivery date will be additional transportation costs with it.


For the payment of our products are various methods. Both individuals and companies have the option to pay with Paypal, credit card, on account or using a gift certificate.

All payment is done on highly secure connections and credit card information is destroyed immediately after use. After your order you receive an email when the order detail information is shown.


We can make an interesting offer for you. Please contact our customer service by here clicking and include:

  • How many pieces it comes mugs;
  • mug which model and what color you may want a certain mug;
  • print colors you wish to have printed mugs in number;
  • on the location and how many pages you would like a print;
  • when you want to have the latest in home mugs;
  • the delivery address in the Netherlands, Benelux and rest of Europe or the world.

If you have questions or want more information about our mugs?

Want a mug with a different color, or a larger mug, or private model mug? Almost anything is possible with us! Click here for our contact information or to request a quote.
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